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Furymud (an EmlenMUD)
Fury 1.0 is a full-featured, expansive player-vs-player MUD. The basic concept is an eternal struggle between good and evil. Fury has evolved from and derived many of its ideas from the popular EmlenMUD Rites of Passage, and later Everwar. FuryMud is the latest EmlenMUD basecode expansion. It features a total of 23 races (11 balanced per side, as well humans - which are playable on either alignment) and more than 400 skills and spells.  

Fury allows for highly customized character design, using a 'remort' based system. This system will allow you to restart your level at 1, but with greatly enhanced abilities every time you choose to remort.  Upon remort, you can choose to spend your accumulated 'remort points' in one of more than 25 different statistics, customizing your character to your specific playstyle.  Fury also allows characters with 16 remorts and max level (80) to become part of the "soldierx" program within their army, altering and mutating to increase max racial stats, number of guilds that can be acquired, max spells and skills, racial base armor class, and adding augmentations/mutations to their character to become stronger, restarting at level 1 and 0 remorts.

There is an extensive quest and crusade system, providing both exhaustive solo and challenging group combat. The quest/crusade system allows a player to explore the map, either individually or in crusade groups. Targeting mobiles (creatures, or 'mobs') that are located in different far-flung areas, encourages discovery and adventure. Through this system the player not only learns the map, but is also rewarded with quest points. These points can be spent in a variety of ways – improving your skills, spells, or purchasing new and exotic weaponry with which to smite your foes!  

The most exhilarating feature of Fury is the player vs. player combat. Set in a mythic game world, the armies of light and the forces of darkness are pitted against each other in eternal war. Good and evil players cannot communicate, which adds a significant amount of challenge to the field of battle – a virtual 'fog of war'. Intelligence is gathered by scouting and reconnoitering the enemy, and when your foes are most vulnerable, the battle is joined! Fighting and chasing occurs over more than 25,000 in-game rooms.

With your enemies vanquished, the spoils of war are yours – in the form of their equipment, as well as 'warpoints', which serve to increase your standing within your chosen profession and church. 16 professions are currently in-game, and its simple to switch between them to encourage players to play multiple professions during their stay on Fury. 

Opening for Beta; July 1, 2020 at 8am EST.
Beta testing will begin on July 1, 2020 at 8am EST. The target live operation date is January 1, 2021. During Beta testing you can expect occasional reboots, requests to help test things, and a general willingness to listen to the feedback of the player community. 

Below are links to three things; Fury's Player Guide (an extremely helpful tutorial for anyone new to our world and/or new to muds in general), and links to Wintin (freeware) and Zuggsoft software; telnet tools used in order to connect to www.furymud.com port 1234.

Please join us for Beta testing... Really only one question remains: will you fight for the army of darkness or for the forces of light?

Immortal Team:
 There are 11 immortal levels in eWar: 
o Creator (110 Owner; Pestilence
o Farseer (109 Fury Administrator) 
o Majestic (108 Proven Coder; Shudkher
o Exalted (107 Experienced Coder) 
o Supreme (106 New Coder) 
o Celestial (105 Proven Administration) 
o Archangel (104 Exp. Administration) 
o Immortal (103 New to Administration) 
o Eternal (102 World File Administration) 
o Omniscient (101 Exp. Zone Builder)  
o Builder (100 Zone Builder) 

Furymud supports 16 professions:

1. Cleric 
2. Thief 
3. Warrior 
4. Assassin 
5. Druid 
6. Swashbuckler 
7. Alchemist 
8. Templar 
9. Monk 
10. Necromancer 
11. Warlock 
12. Sorcerer 
13. Psionicist 
14. Bard 
15. Ranger
16. Berserker

May 2020; Offical Game Development In Progress
In December of 2019, we officially began hard work on the base code modifications we thought would bring Fury to the forefront of the MUD community! This news article discusses some of the base code change decisions we have made. Be sure to use facebook to share ideas, suggestions, words of caution you wish to provide!
June 20, 2020; Web Presence
We have four primary online mediums that support Fury:

1.) www.furymud.com (this website)
2.) www.facebook.com/groups/furymud
3.) www.furymud.boards.net
4.) The game: www.furymud.com port 1234

This news article discusses how these online forums are used to support the mud.

May and June, 2020: Fury's Custom Artwork!
We have entered into partnership with Eli 5 Stone to help develop visual representations of our textual world. This news article discusses our collaboration with Eli and provides details on Eli's experience, and links to more information on the approach he used to develop Fury's custom art work.
Feedback for us on the game/uptime? Please use facebook link below.
Want to get in touch with administration? Please use the contact information below.
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