News 1: Basecode (May, 2020)
Tremendous progress has been made in five months with the basecode - here are some highlights:

- Revisions to mix, coat, etc. no longer requiring swapping hands as much.
- Revision to "draw/sheath commands" to make it easier.
- Revision to group commands, added "orders" from the group leader, and information on the current xp bonus of your group based on the number of players/mercenaries that are in your ranks.
- Brand new magic code - for items to load randomly with magic enhanced power.
- Three new professions (Berserker, Bard and Psionicist) and revisions to just about all professions; some majorly. Lots of new spells and skills.
- New soldierx programs within each army, that enable 16 remort, 80th level characters to start over - a lot more powerfully.
- XP history added so you can keep track of what you have been killing more easily.
- WP history added so you can keep track of who you have been killing more easily.
- Reworked character generation to simplify things.
- Map changes to streamline and make things a lot more visually appealing when using the map feature.
- Changes to fight code, that enable you to target certain areas of your enemy to leverage their weakest armored body locations.
- Making armor class actually do something to protect you.
- Changing the "score" command signficantly so all pertinent data is in one spot - no longer use the short score command since all that data is now on "score".
- Revisions to the attribute command to show max stats.
- Mercenaries added to allow individuals or groups to fill their ranks with hired hands, if so desired.

And so many more!
News 2: Web Presence (June 20, 2020)
We have four primary online mediums that support Fury:

1.) (this website)
4.) The game: port 1234

The website is primarily used as a marketing tool for new players. This exposes them to custom artwork that players identify with only the world of Fury, provides learning tools (such as the new players guide and world maps), and other material - generally focused at bringing in new players.

The facebook site is intended to provide as a forum for the game on the internet's biggest online giant. Our thought is, people may be searching facebook for new games and things to do, it seems to make sense to keep a presence.

The bulletin board site is used to communicate between players, sharing log files of fights, discussing recommended code modifications, and bugs. This is the most common spot for communication between players, and communication between our support staff and the player community.

We have been thinking about discord, and plan to discuss during player testing with our player community.

News 3: Fury's Custom Artwork (June, 2020)
We have teamed with one of the industries most creative and artistic minds to bring Fury to the web, Eli 5 Stone. Besides being a gentleman and all around nice guy, he's amazingly talented. He has drawn for artists like Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Eminem (the Rapper), and for a while was the sole writer, penciler, and inker/artist for the comic book known as "The Tick".

Before beginning to sketch, Eli met with us many times, discussing the concepts of the game, and unique components that could be addressed visually. He helped us create our logo, advertising artwork (for use on mudconnect), a large battle image representing most races (see image on the left), and a few stand alone pieces for the website. He asked great questions and had a real eye for detail. Eli understood our desire to make the website represent our rich and detailed textual world with bright, vibrant, compelling images that were customized to intricate components of what makes us unique.

On opening day, July 1, 2020 of BETA testing, we will begin our first wave of advertising to draw in new players, and on January 1, 2021 we will make our final push as we move the game into live operation. Eli's artwork will be used front and center to help new players associate with our world - we believe that advertising is crucial to the future success of Fury...

Eli's approach to his artwork involved signficant pre-planning and leveraging his 25+ years of experience. Be sure to view our image gallery where Fury proudly shares these custom images with you; our players (desktop wallpaper for everyone!) - although obviously not for use on other websites or unauthorized use. Additionally, below are two links, one to his website for more information on him, and the second that provides a link to a PDF document that describes his work for Fury in signficantly more detail. Check them out below:

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